We Need YOUR Help!

​​​​​​Thanks to God for the work being done in and around Wilton in the lives of kids and adults. We are looking to add leaders, donors, and committee members to further these efforts!
We need your support! Whether you're interested in sending kids to camp, enabling more contact work, helping supply a club, or empowering a Campaigners group, there's a giving opportunity for you. 
Please browse our list of opportunities below, 
and thank you again for your commitment 
to introducing local kids to Christ! 
​​Faithful 50​
​We are looking to add 50 new, recurring donors by 2016!
​Our Need
Local Ministry​:

$30 = Thursday morning breakfast meeting.
$100 = Volunteer's ministry for one semester.
$500 = One semester of club in Wilton.
$2,500 = Part time staff member.

Camp Support: 

​$595 = One kid to summer camp
$1,000 = Camp spot + All Transportation
$7,000 = One cabin of kids at camp
$12,000 = One cabin + All Transportation

​​Our vision
​​​​Current Ministries:

Wilton High School
Joel-Barlow High School
Middlebrook Middle School

Goals for Future Ministries:

Weston High School
Weston Middle School
John-Read Middle School

We are currently reaching 50+ kids per week, and we hope to double that by 2016! Will you help us?


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Phone: 203-295-9800

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